24th Thing Reflection

Well here I am, this time around I have made it to the end and have made a point of completing within the 10 weeks because I know myself and if I hadn’t kept to the time I would have failed to complete it all again. I have looked through all the Things I have looked at and quickly made a list under the column headings  ‘liked’ ‘OK but wont use’ and ‘disliked’. I am quite surprised that there were only 2 items in the ‘disliked’ – Technorati and Online Image Generators – I don’t really know why but I felt that they just didn’t float my boat. I don’t think that is bad only 2 out of 25.
The ‘OK’ pile included Mashups  (a bit of fun but can’t see me using it at work) RSS feeds (felt a bit technical for me!) Tagging (I am just to lazy although if others didn’t tag it would be harder for me to find things so may be I should pull my finger out and thinks of others) and Wetpaint (no interest and when my entry was amended, in some part incorrectly, was a bit put out).

So I liked a lot.   Many of the Things I had picked up on first time round ie Twitter and Facebook,  some I had discovered already myself ie Google maps and some were new to me ie LibraryThing.   I did find though that it was productive to forcibly set some time to go through the Things and have a play.

Anyway its time to go home now and I have come to the end.  You never know though I may keep up with the blogging so there maybe further posts especially if something pink turns up!

Good bye


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23rd Thing Podcast

I have used the BBC Podcast before as I like to walk with my ipod. I have just searched podcastdirectory.com and having searched for a podcast using Hiking and I have discovered the wonderful ‘Toothless’ and the Appalachian Trail and will definitely be downloading his tales to my ipod to enjoy whilst out walking, the particular one I am listening to is about shelters – maybe get my Scouts to listen and learn, maybe not just heard that on this particular trail he is on at the moment has a phone on a pole for hikers to order Pizza!!!!!! Tootless\’ Appalachian Tales

Having listened to the first 15 minutes of that podcast is a definite to download onto my ipod it looks like there are over 20 episodes to choose from.  Oh how I have laughed thankyou 25 things this has been the best thing yet I have found.

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21st Thing LibraryThing

Ooohh I do like this. I set up my account and have added three books and was really getting into it and……….. the site went down for maintenance!!!!! I will defo go back to this, especially when I am at home and can list the few books I have. A few years ago I had one big declutter and emptied all my bookshelves. I kept only about 10 (including my copy of Winnie-the-Pooh) and gave all my books away to friends/family and charity. Since then I very rarely keep a book for long, I know I will never read it again and by passing it on give someone else the pleasure of the read. I also use works and the town library for a free read, and some friends have done the same and circulate their books. I will use LibraryThing though to find recommendations and reviews.

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22nd Thing YouTube


I have for a long long time been a big fan of YouTube. Obviously using my blogs name as a search it came up with a Pink Floyd Classic.  I use YouTube for finding a bands music and also for a laugh, you do not have to search too hard to find an amusing piece of footage

This is the funniest bit of television ever

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20th thing – Google Documents

I quite like this Google feature and have used it at home for a number of months. It allows me to use a word processing package with no costly outlay. As with many things the basics are enough and Google Docs supplies, I like the sharing feature which again it doesn’t matter what software is loaded on the PC you can then work on document as well as your colleagues. I can see that I will use this more and more as time goes on.

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19th Thing Online Image Generators

I have had a play around with the generators suggested and thought this was the most appropriate for my blog.  Whilst I can see the fun and appreciate all the time gone into them,  this sort of thing doesn’t float by boat and so on to 20th Thing

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Week 7 Google Maps

This week is quite an easy week for me as I am a sworn user of Google Maps.  I love the new Street View feature and when on a visit to Sheffield, I impressed all be getting from the car park to Pizza Express chatting away as though I knew the shops and pubs we were passing, when in fact I had checked the route out on Google maps before setting off.

I very rarely set off on a journey without consulting google maps for directions and length of time the journey should take (I always add a bit extra) My husband uses it every week for getting to our son’s football matches. (we haven’t got a Sat Nav)

At the weekend I wish I had checked out where I was going on Google maps but put my faith in my friend’s Sat Nav.  Me and my friend know how we like to get to the other side of Manchester – it is apparently the wrong way and Sat Nav didn’t like it,  in the end to find Timperley station we resorted to an OS walking map – not really suitable but we got there.

I did check out directions to Nerja in Spain rather than Madrid (mother lives in Nerja) and it is 1597 miles away (as my husband says just the right distance for a mother in law) and it would take 1 day and 2 hours to drive there.  Out of interest I checked out walking it and that would be 11 days 15 hours but most of that time is on a ferry but rather strangely it took me via Dublin – St Malo – Plymouth-Santander!!!!!!!!

I have used the satellite view on Google Maps to also check out locations of Camp-sites when we go on holiday,  If there is a bit of coast I fancy I have a look round on Satellite and can usually find a place I fancy.  Sometimes camp-site descriptions state 5 minute walk to beach a quick look on Google Maps and you can tell they mean if you run it.  I fell foul of this on 2 occasions when the kids were young if only we had had Google Maps then.

Last year I set up my own Map of London in preparation of  a trip we had booked and it did help us maximise our time.  I placed all the definite plans we had on the Map and was then able to plan routes around the city that were interesting.  I may do it again this month for our trip to Edinburgh.

Google Earth is also very addictive I have been known to sit for hours on the old Laptop just browsing around but it does make you realise how small we all are in the big scheme of things.

Right now  going to check out the Camp-site I am off to in my one woman tent next week.

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Week 6

Well folks over half way now.  I am learning a lot but quite a bit of it I do not know if I will use,  but at least I now know what it is and you never know what the future holds.   It is so easy to sit looking at the screen and clicking away at all this wonderful technology, to my kids this has always been the norm but how I look forward to packing my tent in the car with a few basics and just getting away from it all,  even if it is raining – to sit just watching the world go by and chatting with old and new friends.  Anyway on to this weeks Things

14 Wikis – useful tool, we have a work wiki that I have to update, wonderful tool for quickly spreading the news that something doesn’t work ( I must remember though to update when things are back up and running)

15 Wikipeadia – took  a while to find anything I found interesting but did find an article on Kirkham and Wesham Railway Station that opened  in 1840 – yes that is how dull many of the results were.

I have to admit though I do use Wikepeadia to search out facts but do check them out for validity.  My youngest did show me once something his mate had posted it was an  amusing  account about how he had scored the winning goal in the World Cup (at the tender age of 14)!

I did find the Recipes Wiki very interesting and will revisit it for some inspiration – especially for the vegetarian recipes.

16 Wetpaint – I have registered and posted and yes think its a good idea and now I know about it.

Anyway only 16 days till I am in my one woman tent under the stars, cooking on an open fire and singing Camp fire songs.

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Thing 13 Technortati

Wow  there seems to be so much here,  got quite lost whilst on,  remembering looking at it before but forgot about it  and probably will again.  Maybe I will add it to my list of things to go back to.

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12th thing tagging

I have heard about Delicious and seen it on toolbars but have never used it. I have had a good look at it and have placed all my favourite bookmarks from home onto it and tomorrow will put all the ones on my work pc on it and tag the.mn all. This will be so useful as I always am on the wrong pc/laptop when I need a bookmark that is on the other. I can see the huge benefit of tagging because as the bookmarks increase it will make it easier to find the one I want. Haven’t had a chance to look at the social side of Delicious yet but can from seeing the basics can envisage it being a useful tool for some but as of yet do not know how I would use or benefit from it

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