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Pink Smarites and Week 4

Yesterday I paid a visit to Woolies knowing of there demise I thought I may be able to pick up a bargain.  I did but my favourite purchase was a tube just filled with pink smarties!!!!!

I am really going to enjoy not sharing these over Christmas with a glass of pink cava and ‘Its a Wonderful Life’ DVD.

Back to 25 things – I have just set up my account and will find it extremely useful as I regularly use 2 computers and a laptop and life will be alot easier with social bookmarking.  As with many of the tasks in this project once I have got my head round the task I find I am incorportating them more into my work – for example Bloglines, I have been adding feeds daily and find it a really useful tool.  I find I use tagging to search for posts and photos when searching for stuff and must therefore remember to tag items.

Just looked at Technorati. and Google Blog Search and had a good play around and I am stunned (bit strong that – surprised) that there are people blogging about pink smarties and secret stashes in their work drawers with sherbet filled straws. 

Back to 25 Things – I have also found that using different searches provides different results I am sure as I try different ways in the long term I will have my preferred searches but at the moment don’t feel I can comment on which I find the best or easiest for me.


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Week 3

I have found this week really enjoyable and useful, probably because I set up bloglines on Monday and have used it every day since.  I keep realising that I am checking a site for new content when I can just add it to bloglines and see at a glance if there is anything new all on one page.  I liked the videos for this week, I found them very basic but they managed to get the information over in a way I could understand. 

I tried using all the searchs for newsfeeds and found Syndic8 the most confusing.   the most entertaining debate I have found is the number of articles given over to the lovely John Sargent and his decision to leave Strictly – he will be missed.

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Week 2

Hi all

Thought I best note some things down with regards to week 2 of my 25 things.  Loved setting up on Flickr, have been meaning to use it for ages as it is a brilliant way of sharing photos.  I had a good play with all the mashup links we were given.  I say play as I felt that was what I was doing just playing around – its nice to know what is out there.  When I showed my 18 year old son what I had been doing that is what he then spent all evening doing playing around.  Boys and their toys!  Anyway now about to embark on Week 3.

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My favourite view

Picture 108

Picture 108,
originally uploaded by pinkbrick.

This is my favourite view which I look at every day. It tells me what to wear in a morning and how cold its going to be on a night. It tells me when to fetch my washing in – as the clouds come in from the West you can see them come rolling down the valley and I usually have a good ten minutes before the rain hits. It reminds me each day that there is no place like home.

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Isn’t this exciting

Well here goes, I am looking forward to this – I have never done anything like it before so hope to learn loads.  I have already thought of a way I will be able to use blogging – outside of work of course.  So far it all seems straightforward except it took me a while to come up with a name,  but last night on the lego website I treated myself to a keyring and yes it is a pink brick keyring!  I am really looking forward to Christmas morning when Santa has delivered it – only 49 days to go.

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