Pink Christmas trees and Wikipedia

December 9, 2008 pinkbrick
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Pink Magic Christmas Tree - Click Image to Close
Here is my favourite all time Pink Christmas Tree, though rather disappointingly there is no reference to Pink Christmas Trees in Wikipedia but my favorite website came up trumps. 
It must be the first time Wikipedia  has let me down.  I use it loads and so do my kids I have had to warn them about plagarism when they think a quick copy and paste will suffice for homework.  After several clicks on the old random article button I came across a blast from the past.
Tooth and Consequences – an episode from the Twilight Zone – I remember this episode as my future hubby refused to watch it due to his fear of dentists.
I have just clicked on current events and might slope off to a dark hole away from this horrible violent world – riots, contaminated food, death,  cholorea and bombings are what I have to look forward to on the news tonight. 
 I am a BBC news girl and will probably carry on using it for my news feeds as I want more local news where as Wikipedia is too global.

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