24th Thing Reflection

April 29, 2010 pinkbrick

Well here I am, this time around I have made it to the end and have made a point of completing within the 10 weeks because I know myself and if I hadn’t kept to the time I would have failed to complete it all again. I have looked through all the Things I have looked at and quickly made a list under the column headings  ‘liked’ ‘OK but wont use’ and ‘disliked’. I am quite surprised that there were only 2 items in the ‘disliked’ – Technorati and Online Image Generators – I don’t really know why but I felt that they just didn’t float my boat. I don’t think that is bad only 2 out of 25.
The ‘OK’ pile included Mashups  (a bit of fun but can’t see me using it at work) RSS feeds (felt a bit technical for me!) Tagging (I am just to lazy although if others didn’t tag it would be harder for me to find things so may be I should pull my finger out and thinks of others) and Wetpaint (no interest and when my entry was amended, in some part incorrectly, was a bit put out).

So I liked a lot.   Many of the Things I had picked up on first time round ie Twitter and Facebook,  some I had discovered already myself ie Google maps and some were new to me ie LibraryThing.   I did find though that it was productive to forcibly set some time to go through the Things and have a play.

Anyway its time to go home now and I have come to the end.  You never know though I may keep up with the blogging so there maybe further posts especially if something pink turns up!

Good bye


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  • 1. missdragonara  |  May 7, 2010 at 10:27 am

    Well done for finishing! I agree with you – being ‘forced’ to play with things has helped me learn a lot.

    I hope there is more pinkness in my future!

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