Week 4 RSS and Bloglines

I have persevered on this one today as my PC ran very very slowly.  I have used bloglines in the past for news and some of my hobby sites that I visit regularly.  It saves a lot of time, instead of checking each individual web site I can see at a glance it there has been some new content added.  One of the blogs I find useful can go weeks with nothing and then there will be 3 posts in one day – Bloglines lets me keep an eye on it without having to continually checking the site.  I have updated my feeds today (trashing a few!!) and have found that over the past 18 months how things I used to be glued to have now dropped by the wayside and new sites are more too my liking.  This is one of the Things that I have continued to use since starting 25Things first time round and will continue to use as part of my daily ritual.


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Week 3

I revisited Flickr this week after setting my account up first time round and had forgotten how useful it could be for me and how easy it is too use.  I could use it to share my photos with family who are now scattered around Europe and in Australia. I have had a good play with Mashups and love Flickr Color Pickr as you can see from an earlier post. I have also spent time this week uploading on to Flickr my holiday snaps from last year we managed to find a campsite that allowed open fires, I had forgotten how much I love camping and role on Easter when I will be off on my first trip of this year. Must remember to take plenty of photos and share them.  I have enjoyed this weeks 25things and have made a note on my list of things to – to spend time sorting out my digital photos I have a feeling that I may have lost some as my old laptop died a death and I think quite a few photos were stored on it.  I also have a few with my dad and as mum is now online I will use Flickr to share them with her and the rest of my family.

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man enjoys fire

man enjoys fire

man enjoys fire ,
originally uploaded by pinkbrick.

Here is a piccy of my Hubby enjoying all his hard work at building a fire

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lots of pinkbricks

originally uploaded by Special.

I found this using Flickr Color Fields whilst playing around with the suggested Mashups. I am well impressed with this one and you may see more posts in weeks to come from the site

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7th Thing – Flickr

Just had another look at Flickr – I really like it.  I am one of those people though that takes lots of photographs and then don’t find time to upload them.  Once last year I took my camera into Boots and just had the 400+ photos on it printed off!  I know that was a bit extreme but I still like the printed photo.  I have a selection of photos in my downstairs loo that are of photos that went slighty wrong but make me smile mainly from when my boys were younger.  In this digital age I probably would just have deleted them.

I have used Picasa with a Google account up for my local Scout Group and have uploaded lots of my scout photos on to it, this then lets me share the photos only with the people I choose,  the young people love it and I really must bring that up to date as the last set of photos was June last year – something to add to my to do list.

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Pink Explosion

Pink Explosion

Pink Explosion,
originally uploaded by *Firefox.

another beautiful pink thing

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For those who love tulips

For those who love tulips

For those who love tulips,
originally uploaded by B℮n.

I had to search for something with a pink theme and my favourite flowers are tulips. This photo makes me feel warm and summery after the long cold winter we have had.

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6th Thing Microblogging

Twitter is quite addictive, I don’t use it to follow friends as I prefer to use Facebook, but I do use it to follow people who I don’t know! It was great following Eddie Izzard’s Marathon of Marathons. In the summer I follow the Tour de France, so whilst I am working away quick notes come up telling me of the progress, also I follow quite a few of the cyclists – I really can not resist a man in cycling shorts. Anyway back to twittering, I like it but it is something I dip into rather than follow religiously like some people who I know.

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Week 2 5th Thing Social Networking

25 things first time around got me to set up my Facebook account and I haven’t looked back since.

In October last year I managed to  get in touch with a friend from college who I had lost contact with and since then had a fab weekend in Thirsk with her and her daughter – because of Facebook

My DS1 is away at Uni and being ‘Friends’  means that I manage to see all the photos he is tagged in,  I avoid commenting on them to save his embarrassment because they are usually of the occasional night out he has in between all that studying.  I also use the Chat facility to keep up to date with his exploits or rather he pops up whilst I am working to ask for money – I am expecting him to pop up soon as he is about to need some more contact lenses.  DS2 though wont let me be his ‘Friend – ‘ and ever since getting the girlfriend has severed his link with his dad.  Probably realised I had set up OH account so could snoop on him anyway.

Many of  my Friends post interesting links to activities going on locally and one certain Friend is definitely broadening my horizons with her interesting links.

But what I am really addicted to is FARMVILLE and many of my friends are purely so that they can be my neighbours in the game.  Having become a fan of a group I then posted that I could use some more neighbours and now have them from all over the world, 2 have become friends with the offer of a house swap in Key West and the other offering me a bed if I am ever in Texas after we had a long chat one night when she was going through a particular hard time.  My sons keep saying, me and the old man are sad but 80 million people playing it cant be wrong.  I am surprised how long I have been playing since August last year and am expecting the novelty to wear off  as the evenings get lighter.

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The end of week 1

I feel to be a bit of a cheat this week as I haven’t set up a blog or set up new emails. I have however had another play on the old blog and had to scratch my head about what unusual passwords I had chosen for the email accounts – I had written them down but couldn’t remember where. So am looking forward to see what Monday brings!

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